DCPTA CAS NO. : 65202-07-5 Formulation: 98%TC Chemical Name: 2-diethylaminminoethyl-3,4-dichlorophenylether Structure: Chemical Formula: C 12 H 17 C l2 NO Molecular Weight: 262.18 Physical and Chemical Properties White powder, it can dissolve in water and polarity organic solvent easily, such as...
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CAS NO.: 65202-07-5

Formulation: 98%TC

Chemical Name: 2-diethylaminminoethyl-3,4-dichlorophenylether

Chemical Formula: C12H17Cl2NO

Molecular Weight: 262.18

Physical and Chemical Properties

White powder, it can dissolve in water and polarity organic solvent easily, such as ethanol, methanol and acetone etc. It is stable in acid.

Function and Characteristics

DCPTA has many necessary elements for crop growth, including amine compound. It can act on crop’s nucleus directly, repair some malformed gene, and then reach the effects followed:

1. Increase the absorb and use of CO2, then increase crop’s photosynthesis by 21% or more;

2. Increase the storage of protein, amino acid and so on;

3. Promote the growth of cells;

4. Enhance the activity of some synthetic enzyme;


DCPTA also can improve the function of crop’s organ, so to improve its immune ability and environmental-adjustment ability, such as disease-resistance, drought-resistance, frigidity-resistance, and so on. 

1. Single use: it is often used for foliar application and the dosage is 20-30mg/L

2. Compound with other regulators: DCPTA can compound with auxin-like regulators to promote fruit-setfruit expanding and prevent cracking. Compounded with ethephon, can be used to accelerating ripening and prevent fruit-dropping.

3. Compound with fertilizer: DCPTA compounded with fertilizer can used for folia application or drip irrigation.


The Usage and Dosage of DCPTA Used on   Different Crops




Method of use


Kinds of Root tuber and stem tuber (Onion, Radish,   sugarbeet, potato)


Spray once in seedling stage, rhizome formation   stage and expanding stage respectively.

Fruit expanding, better quality and increase yield.

Leaf vegetables

(Chinese cabbage, Celery, spinach, cabbage, Chinese   chive )


Every 7-10 days once in the whole growth stage.

Improve vegetative growth, increase leaves and   quality.

Fruits and vegetables(tomato, pepper, watermelon,   apple, Litchi, grape etc)


Spray once initial time of flowering young fruit   stage

and expanding stage respectively

Flower and fruit retention, increase fruit-set rate   and yield, better quality.

Leguminosae (soybean, French bean, )


Spray whole plant once after four true leavesinitial time of flowering and pot setting stage

Increase yield, improve quality; increase protein   and fats content, and increase commodity value.

Wheat, Rice,   corn etc Field Class


Every 7-10 days once in the whole growth stage.

Increase the content of nutrients, increase   1000-grain weight and stress resistance.

Ornamental (flowers etc)


Every 7-10 days once in the whole growth stage.

Prevent leaves and flowers fading


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