Zambia Ministry Of Mines: Copper Production Declined In 2017

- Sep 25, 2017-

According to MiningWeekly, Reuters reported, Zambia mining Ministry announced in September 11th, the Vedanta Resources Company (Vedanta Resource), Konkola (Konkola) copper production decline, expect the country's copper production in 2017 from 774 thousand tons in 2016 fell to 754 thousand tons.

Vice Minister of Ministry of mines Paul Janda (Paul Chanda) told reporters that the Konkola copper production is expected to decline by 40% this year. The Barrick gold company's Varna lum (Lumwana) copper production will drop 15%.

Janda said Konkola copper is good at dressing rather than mining, and lum wana copper production decline was mainly due to the lower grade of mining.

In June, the government of Zambia had predicted that copper production would increase to 850 thousand tons in 2017, mainly because of the existing expansion and new mines.

The Zambia Mining Association says copper production depends mainly on electricity supply, infrastructure, and the stability of the financial and regulatory system.

Due to the national energy subsidies canceled, Glencore companies such as rise in copper mines in the country's electricity.