Tungsten Prices Soared 50%

- Sep 21, 2017-

Recently, the price of tungsten is rising faster than any major commodity rate, nearly two months, tungsten prices rose more than 50%, especially in western countries, in the face of the global China tungsten production accounted for 80% of the national production policy, fears more concentrated.

European tungsten price rose by 52% since the beginning of July. That's more than all 22 of the main commodities in the Bloomberg index.

The European Union ranks tungsten as one of the key commodities, and the Institute of British geological survey lists it as the list of supply risk lists for materials needed to sustain the UK's economy and lifestyle.

The reason, in 2017, 80% of the total global tungsten production introduced the environmental protection Chinese Xianchan policy, Mine Ban pollution, the international market concerns tungsten supply will be by """. In addition, Japan, Holland and the United States overseas enterprises demand recovery is obvious, since the beginning of the year, export volume increased, the supply of tungsten prices ushered in "soaring"".

The tungsten market "goods hard to find the situation continues, some buyers have to accept the" premium "in the case of urgent need to cover the transaction.