The Price Of Caustic Soda Is Strong In China, Up 90.17% From The Beginning Of 2016

- Aug 31, 2014-

Domestic caustic soda prices strong, high operating, according to business survey data show that in August 28,  the average price of domestic caustic soda market was 1012.22 yuan / ton or so, compared with 530.77 yuan / ton in early 2016, up 90.71%. Domestic caustic soda state-owned enterprises than last year's profits have risen sharply, caustic soda industry to maintain a steady development.

Business agency analyst Chen Shoujuan believes that the reason for the high price of caustic soda now has three: one is the upstream crude salt market in order to safeguard stability in the main market, according to data business agency survey shows that in August 28, domestic crude salt market price of 248 yuan / ton, while the same period last year 219.5 yuan / ton, crude price fluctuation 12.98%, upstream to salt with the strong support of two caustic soda; downstream: from the beginning of the second half of 2016, the downstream aluminum paper industries profit rising, rising demand for caustic soda, overall shipments have greatly improved than before, and now the related industry operating rate remained at 80% level; three is the environmental factors affected: the environmental protection policy, started the domestic small production capacity of 300 thousand tons / year of caustic soda enterprises has been greatly affected, the whole of caustic soda production decreased, for We should tighten.

Business society analysts believe: the current caustic soda industry overall operating rate of about 90%, compared with the same period last year has been greatly improved. The later stage of caustic soda will still keep high running situation. With the implementation of the country's capacity policy and supply side reform, the overall domestic capacity expansion has improved, and under the pressure of environmental protection, the overall output will decline, while the downstream demand for caustic soda rose. Business and social analysts believe that the short-term caustic soda or continue to maintain high operating posture, the price or at 1020-1060 yuan / ton or so, specific look at the downstream market demand.