Potassium Chloride Market Consolidation Stabilized

- Sep 08, 2017-

Potassium chloride Market Consolidation stabilized

Last week (August 28th -9 1), the domestic potassium chloride Market Consolidation stabilized, businesses wait-and-see atmosphere. In September 4th Chinese potassium chloride (CKPI) the wholesale price index for 1879.62 points, up 6.36 points, or 0.34%; fell 15.05 points, or 0.79%; than the period fell 1410.97 points, or 42.88%.

Supply: domestic potassium, the Qinghai region normal operation, stable production; Saline Lake 60% potassium chloride mainstream station quotation to maintain 1850-1870 yuan / ton. The port potassium aspect, the port potash fertilizer arrives in succession, the large trader continuously releases goods, the port circulation spot quantity increases; take 62% Russian White potassium as the example, the northern harbor mainstream quotation maintained 1980-2000 yuan / ton. Border trade potassium, temporarily no goods, plans to September potash fertilizer signing 40 thousand tons or so, mainly 62% white crystal and a small amount of white powder, the intention is quoted at 1800 yuan / ton.

Demand: agriculture, potash fertilizer market into the off-season, demand deserted, the market price without market. Industry, the environmental impact inspection, compound fertilizer enterprises operating rate is low, the new single purchase enthusiasm is not high; businesses are more wait-and-see attitude, the procurement of potassium chloride is limited.

International market: last week, the international potassium chloride market rose slightly. Among them, compared with the previous week, Canada potassium chloride low prices rose 7 U.S. dollars / ton, high-end prices rose 3 U.S. dollars / ton, $217-237 / ton potassium chloride; Israel high-end price rose $5 / ton, $222-282 / ton; the potassium chloride low-end price rose $5 / ton, high end prices rose 2 dollars / ton, $222-270 / ton of potassium chloride; Southeast Asia high-end price rose $6 / ton, $250-260 / ton of potassium chloride; Brazil high-end prices rose 3 U.S. dollars / ton, $260-270 / ton.

Domestic market: last week, the price of potassium chloride in China was mixed. The association of monitoring data show that the wholesale price of domestic potash provinces, Sichuan, Hubei, Yunnan prices compared to the previous week rose 170 yuan / ton, 122.7 yuan / ton, 55 yuan / ton, Zhejiang prices compared to the previous week fell 25 yuan / ton, the price remained stable in other provinces; the import of potassium chloride wholesale price, Hubei province. Yunnan, Guangxi prices compared to the previous week fell 20.2 yuan / ton, 16 yuan / ton, 10 yuan / ton, the price remained stable in other provinces.

With the arrival of potash in port, the potash fertilizer will be added to the port, and the supply of potash fertilizer will be increased. Is expected next week, the potash market prices steady or slight fluctuations, focus on the change of domestic potash demand.