Oxide Ore Flotation Development Breakthrough

- Jul 11, 2017-

The project uses the technology roadmap for the oil feet, soap and other chemical waste grease extraction of fatty acids - fatty acid separation and purification - fatty acid-modified, synthetic series of oxide ore flotation - a new series of highly efficient oxide ore flotation collectors for industrial applications test and application.
EM351 collector industrial test, 72 hours of continuous operation of industrial test indicators have reached the TiO2 (titanium dioxide) grade of greater than 47% of user requirements. EM351 collector with less, low price, is the ilmenite collector a quality and cheap.The collector non-toxic, harmless, in Whitehorse Mining weathered Panzhihua ilmenite ore and Bachu counties in vanadium-titanium magnetite ilmenite flotation applied research after show, EMZ-510 capture ilmenite collector sorting sorting good effect, the phenomenon of flotation apparent good, fine, tailings bubble burst soon, it will help improve the quality of recycled water flotation.