LME November 10th Copper Inventory Statistics

- Nov 13, 2017-

According to LME data, in November 9th, the total inventory of copper metal 260150 tons, an increase of 425 tons; the total inventory of aluminum metal 1168375 tons, down 3600 tons per day; aluminum inventory remained 11940 tons, an increase of 120 tons per day.

Copper ExtractantCopper   Extractant solvent Aldoxime Copper   Extraction Solvent Copper leaching reagent for Copper mining such as CP150/   N902/ M5640/ M5774Aldoxime
Extraction of copper from sulfuric acid   solutionCopper   extractant N902


hydrometallurgy for   copper

Copper solvent   extraction

On   mining hydrometallurgy, recovery of copper from spent etching solution of   printed circuit board PCB, and from electroplating wastewaterKetoxime

2-hydroxy-5-nonylacetophenone   oxime



Copper Extraction