IShares Silver ETF11 16 Month Silver Holdings Of 9893.21 Tons

- Nov 17, 2017-

IShares silver ETF11 16 month silver holdings of 9893.21 tons, unchanged from the previous trading day.

Phosphate ChemicalsPhosphate   PlasticizerTrimethyl Phosphate TMP    CAS NO.: 512-56-1
    mainly used as the solvent and extractant of medicine and pesticide
Trimethyl   Phosphate
Phosphate RetardantTMP
PlastifierExtractant TMP
Flame Retardant

Triethyl Phosphate TEP CAS NO.: 78-40-0 as the   intermediate of rubber plastic  Triethyl Phosphate
Plasticizer TEP

Tricresyl Phosphate TCP CAS NO.:   1330-78-5 mainly used in PVC, PE, conveyor belts, leather, wire and cable,   and flame-retardant synthetic resinTricresyl   Phosphate
Retardant TCP

The flame retardant Cresyl   Diphenyl Phosphate CDP CAS NO.: 26444-49-5
Cresyl   Diphenyl Phosphate
Retardant CDP

The flame retardant Triphenyl   Phosphate TPP CAS NO. 115-86-6Triphenyl   Phosphate
Retardant TPP