In November, The Output Of Ten Kinds Of Nonferrous Metals Increased By 12.7% Year On Year.

- Dec 20, 2018-

In November, the output of ten kinds of nonferrous metals increased by 12.7% year on year.

In November, 38 of the 41 major industries maintained year-on-year growth in value added. Among them, ferrous metal smelting and calendering increased by 10.4%, non-ferrous metal smelting and calendering increased by 12.8%.

In November, 301 of 596 products increased year-on-year. Among them, 94.24 million tons of steel, an increase of 11.3%; 20.52 million tons of cement, an increase of 1.6%; 4.71 million tons of ten non-ferrous metals, an increase of 12.7%; 554.3 billion kWh of power generation, an increase of 3.6%; 50.46 million tons of crude oil processing, an increase of 2.9%.