Extracting Agent

- Jun 29, 2017-

Langshan yi autonomous prefecture, sichuan province to implement the national 973 major science and technology plan "rare earth extraction separation process to expand test" project through the acceptance of the expert group in recent years. The project shall be borne by the hing cooper sichuan rare earth co., LTD., the panel by academician of Chinese academy of sciences hong-jie zhang, China's rare earth industry association secretary-general Wang Xiaotie, etcRare earth extraction separation process expand the pilot projects using independent synthetic Cextuant230 (world seventh extraction agent), to replace expensive imports from the United States Cyanex923 to extraction of light rare earth tetravalent cerium and thorium, its performance is more outstanding. After 50 times trial production, expanding test consistent with the results of the study's results have been achieved. Successful implementation cerium, fluorine and thorium recycling and separation and radioactive thorium recovery at the same time, to eliminate the radioactive waste water pollution from the source.