Environmental Protection Department Supervision: Beijing, Tianjin And Parts Of The Rectification Progress Slowly

- Aug 30, 2017-

Recently, the Ministry of environmental protection has carried out environmental supervision and inspection activities in Beijing, Tianjin and surrounding areas. According to the inspection team recently to check the situation of volatile organic compounds still exist in Beijing City, Tianjin City, Hebei Province, Shanxi Province, part of Henan province (VOCs) investigation is not complete, the slow progress of the rectification of illegal sewage, etc..

Check the inspection teams found in Beijing City, Shunyi District Beijing yuan a Jushi Co. Ltd. and Fengtai District Beijing Huayu Printing Company Limited, Chaoyang District CIGNA Beijing modernfly Culture Communication Co., Ltd. interactive part of the operation of pollution control facilities not installed, straight row of organic waste gas.

Check the inspection teams found in Tianjin City, Tianjin Jinpeng Pipe Industry Co Ltd, Tianjin kaiderui plastic profiles manufacturing Co. Ltd., Tianjin Lu Tong Electric Vehicle Co. Ltd., Amatsu Masakata Wood Industry Co. Ltd., Tianjin sanding Packaging Machinery Co. Ltd., part of the process of Tianjin Daxing auto parts Co., Ltd., Tianjin HENGJIA Machinery Manufacturing Co. Ltd. is not installed facilities for treatment of volatile organic compounds, vertical exhaust.

The inspection teams in Hebei city of Baoding province were randomly selected Anguo City reported oil and gas treatment of volatile organic compounds has been completed and found, Xie Zhuang, Anguo City diesel oil supply station, Zheng Shi fo chapter fuel stations, north oil were not installed oil and gas recovery unit.

Hebei Province Hejian Zun Zu Zhuang pine gas station oil gas recovery device is not running; Book of Songs, Hejian City Yanhui plastic granules factory in Huanghua City, Hebei Hongtai special automobile Limited company has installed pollution control facilities, organic waste gas line.

It is found that the gas of volatile organic compounds in Hebei province Fengrun District of Tangshan City oil administration, TOYOTA gas station No. 92, No. 95 oil tankers Albert, Bo Shi oil gas station oil gas recovery device is not normal operation of gas station, gas station Xinjuntun Weida did not sell the car with urea; Tangshan Sanli printing and packaging Co. Ltd. is producing no, film workshop closed and not equipped with exhaust gas collecting and processing equipment, the workshop has obvious smell.

Handan Daming County PetroChina Co Ltd Hebei Handan sales branch seventieth gas station, did not sell urea for motor vehicles.

In Shanxi Province, Taiyuan inspection group inspection found Chunhui plastic products Co., Jinyuan District of Gujiao City, Li Hui doors and windows processing plant pollution control facilities are not installed, straight row of organic waste gas.

Bagong Shanxi Jinfeng Coal Chemical Co. Ltd., Zezhou city Gaoping County village silver furnace casting factory, Jincheng chunchenxinghui Industry Co., Ltd. is not installed pollution control facilities, direct discharge of organic waste gas.

Yangquan Coal Group Huayue Machinery Co. Ltd., Shanxi Qianyuan in building materials Limited, Shanxi Jing an electromechanical Manufacturing Co., pollution control facilities are not installed, organic vertical exhaust; Yangquan Shuntong gas station, Yangquan Zhonghai country east Shanxi oil sales company has oil and gas recovery device.

In the inspection group inspection found in Changzhi City, Shanxi aoruite health industry Limited by Share Ltd, Guangyang Lucheng lime Co. Ltd., Lucheng Dacheng chemical fiber limited liability company, Lucheng Yuanxiang Technology Development Co. Ltd., Tianji Group Plastic Co. Ltd and Shanxi Lu'an Coal Coking Co., Ltd. Shanxi Lubao coking Limited, Shanxi Yitong group ring energy technology Group Limited, pollution control facilities are not installed, organic vertical exhaust; Changzhi Shentong explosion-proof motor repair Ltd. organic waste gas spraying room straight row, inspection team arrived in the field after the temporary opening of pollution control facilities.

In Henan Province, Hebi inspection group inspection found that this year should be completed before the end of June economic and Technological Development Zone remediation hundred fortune Printing Co. Ltd. has yet to ink production workshop installation of VOCs treatment facilities.