Cobalt Price Innovation High Rare Continuation Of The Decline

- Sep 28, 2017-

State securities issued a research report on Nonferrous Metals Industry in September 27th, and the report is summarized as follows:

Cobalt lithium: policy support and sales of high-speed growth, new energy vehicles will enter the outbreak period. Spontaneous combustion oil identify and reduce lock up restrictions on foreign investment of new energy vehicles, the Automobile Association announced this week two points system plan will be released at the end of September officially. In September 18th, BYD purchased 500 new energy buses from Huaian.

Highly concentrated policies and sales data brisk, or will promote new energy vehicles in the fourth quarter of the chain sales growth rate of new highs, new energy vehicles will enter the outbreak. Demand for cobalt and lithium is expected to continue to enlarge.

Cobalt: rally difficult to stop, cobalt prices or usher in the main wave. This week, MB cobalt low class reported 28.95 (+0.25) -30.05 (+0.15) USD / pound, high-grade newspaper 29.6 (+0.4) -30.6 (+0.4) USD / pound. Domestic metal cobalt prices remain unchanged at 432 thousand yuan / ton. This week, MB low and high-grade cobalt prices and domestic cobalt prices have continued upward trend last week, this week, the cobalt market turnover at a high level to maintain. The electricity shortage will stockpile and cobalt commodity funds brought by the State Reserve purchasing and storage continue to push up the price of cobalt, cobalt and rose 30% plate firmly optimistic.

Lithium: the price of lithium carbonate is short or high. This week, the battery price of lithium carbonate to maintain 163 thousand yuan / ton unchanged, industrial grade lithium carbonate to maintain 145 thousand yuan / ton unchanged. Minmetals Saline Lake company's first batch of 150 kilograms of industrial grade lithium carbonate products in Saline Lake, Qinghai smoothly offline, blue lithium next month, after the completion of the project, you can directly produce battery grade lithium carbonate, next year will be 10 thousand tons of capacity. Saline Lake lifting lithium makes short-term lithium carbonate industry showed a slight decline, but the rapid development of new energy automotive industry, so that the lithium carbonate industry boom is expected to continue.

Aluminum: supply side of the strongest varieties of reform. This week, Jiaozuo City air pollution control work issued an emergency notice, Jiaozuo Wanfang and Zhongzhou aluminum were ahead staggering production, limiting the production line more than 30%. In addition, this week, electrolytic aluminum stocks continued to decline, reducing 11 thousand tons to 1 million 609 thousand tons, continued last week inventory decline trend. Taking into account the requirements throughout the heating season more than 30% production of electrolytic aluminum plant, alumina enterprises to limit production of about 30%, alumina prices rose sharply, to enhance profitability, and support the electrolytic aluminum prices continue to remain high, the gap between supply and demand outlook will promote aluminum prices rise further.

Rare: prices continue to decline, or slightly concussion. This week, praseodymium neodymium oxide, terbium oxide, dysprosium oxide, neodymium iron boron prices were 48 (-2), 368 (-10), 115 (-7), 185 (+32) million / ton, praseodymium neodymium prices continue slightly downward trend, terbium oxide, dysprosium oxide prices down greatly, while the NdFeB prices rose. Early rare earth prices rose rapidly and sharply, and now has gradually transmitted to the lower reaches of NdFeB prices. Rare earth prices or slightly concussion, NdFeB price is expected to continue strong.