China International Dye Exhibition Asia Tour Curtain Soon

- Sep 15, 2017-

By the Chinese Dyestuff Industry Association, Chinese dyeing and printing industry association, sponsored by the China International Trade Promotion Committee Shanghai branch, Chinese Dyestuff Industry Association and Shanghai International Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. hosted the seventh Asia international industrial dyes and organic pigments and Textile Chemicals Exhibition "will be held on November 2017 1-3 on Indonesian special exhibition center Hotel (the Trans Luxury Hotel). The exhibition area of 4000 square meters, the exhibition will be attracted from 7 countries and regions more than 120 exhibitors, exhibits covering all kinds of advanced environmentally friendly dyes, organic pigments, additives, intermediates, printing and dyeing equipment, environmental protection equipment automation equipment etc..

In response to the "twenty-first Century Maritime Silk Road" strategy, efforts to build "go out" stage

In order to speed up the transformation of the mode of development of China's dyestuff industry and the implementation of the strategy of "going out", in support of the Ministry of Commerce, the State Council and other relevant departments under the in domestic and foreign exhibitors to participate actively, "Chinese international dye exhibition in Asia Tour in India, Turkey, Indonesia and Vietnam successfully held for six sessions. Become the dyeing enterprises to explore the international market, create international brand and improve the excellent platform for the exchange of international market competition.

In September 2, 2016, the leaders of the group of twenty summit in Hangzhou, leaders of China and India on the twenty-first Century Maritime Silk Road initiative and the "global ocean fulcrum" concept of the docking, determine the Indonesia as the 21 World Maritime Silk Road along the country and the status of trade partners. As Indonesia's largest industry - Textile and garment industry, its output value, export and employment scale have been among the leading manufacturers, with an average annual growth rate of about 13%. As one of the dyes and textile raw materials is mainly dependent on imports. In our country the dye direct exports to more than 130 countries and regions, exports to Indonesia in the top 2, total exports remained at 3-4 million tons, accounting for more than 12% of total exports, "12th Five-Year" dye exports to Indonesia during the average growth rate of around 6%. In addition, the textile printing and dyeing auxiliaries, organic pigments, printing paste, ink and other products in Indonesia also has great market potential.

Therefore, in response to the twenty-first Century "maritime Silk Road" strategy for the domestic printing and dyeing enterprises set up the "going out" stage, the seventh session of the international Chinese dye Exhibition Asia Tour "will be following the 2013 Indonesia Jakarta tour, the second exhibition in indonesia.

The world's largest exhibition brand influence and direct Indonesia "textile town"

As the world's largest international exhibition exhibition -- Chinese dyeing dyes (China Interdye) sub exhibition, China dye Exhibition Asia Tour dedicated to dyestuff enterprises to the world, to broaden the channels of trade, to create a platform for the development of the industry. In 2013 Indonesia Jakarta exhibition held successfully, accumulated a good reputation and influence. This directly to Indonesian textile town - held in Bandung, production directly. In addition, the exhibition also received strong support from the Indonesian textile association, in addition to their exhibition advocacy, organization of professional audience, will be held in China and India dyestuff trade and investment cooperation forum, assist exhibitors visiting Bandung in textile printing and dyeing factory, and find the intention of cooperation partners to carry out one to one trade negotiation.

With the influence of host and show their own brands, this exhibition not only attracted many well-known enterprises at home and abroad including Rudolf, LJ, BIOTEX, Yorkshire, Runtu, Jihua, aproud, Boao, Tianyuan, Zhijiang, Lian Sheng, Yu Zhen, Shan Qing, Shuangle, Liyuan, peak, America, Tiankun Fanteng, king, etc.. In addition, India will continue to participate in the exhibition pavilion.

The world's largest digital printing exhibition exhibition together and continue to lead the development of the industry

The mother Exhibition Asia tour, China international industrial dyes and organic pigments and textile chemicals exhibition after the cultivation and development of the 17, has become the world's largest exhibition, and the development of the industry benchmark. The next event will be held April 2018 11-13 to continue with the Shanghai international digital printing and dyeing automation technology exhibition aims to create the same libraries, textile printing and dyeing one-stop procurement, to create a broader platform for the development of the industry.