China Has Found Gold Reserves Of 12 Thousand And 100 Tons, Ranking Second In The World

- Apr 06, 2017-

According to Xinhua news agency, vice president of China Gold Association Zhang Yongtao, said that as of 2016, China's gold reserves have been identified up to 12 thousand and 100 tons, ranking second in the world after South Africa.

He is held in the day before the "The Belt and Road" gold industry forum briefing the case.

Zhang Yongtao said that the overall development of China's gold industry is healthy and stable, gold based, multi metal development simultaneously. In 2016, China's gold exchange trading volume of 24 thousand tons (Dan Bian), futures trading volume of 39 thousand tons (Dan Bian), commercial banks OTC trading volume of 7 thousand tons, the cumulative turnover reached 70 thousand tons. He expects, "13th Five-Year" during the period of this figure is expected to exceed 100 thousand tons.

He said, "The Belt and Road" gold rich mineral resources along the country, consumption demand, investment and share trading activity, occupies an important position in the world gold industry value chain. The gold as the leading industries, to give priority to China and the countries along the gold exploration, mining, processing, consumption and investment in gold trading, cooperation is of great significance to promote the healthy development of China's gold industry.

According to reports, "The Belt and Road" gold industry forum will be held on October 12th, the forum will focus on "The Belt and Road" initiative of the background, opportunities and challenges, international cooperation, innovation and development capacity of green issues facing China's gold industry, global gold industry to build an international platform for exchange and cooperation.