Which flotation reagents are contained in the mineral processing waste water? How do you deal with it?

- Feb 27, 2018-

The mineral processing wastewater has the characteristics of large amount of water, high content of suspended matter and many kinds of harmful substances. Its harmful substances are heavy metal ions and mineral beneficiation agents. Heavy metal ions include copper, zinc, lead, nickel, barium, cadmium, as well as arsenic and rare elements.

There are several categories of flotation agents added during the process of beneficiation.

(1) collectors, such as Xanthate (RocssMe), black drug [(RO) 2PSSMe], and white drug [CS (NHC6H5) 2];

(2) inhibition of punishment, such as cyanide (KCN, NaCN), water glass (Na2SiO3);

(3) the foaming agent, such as turpentine and cresol (C6H4CH30H);

(4) active punishment, such as copper sulphate (CuS04), heavy metal salts;

(5) vulcanizing agent, such as sodium sulfide;

(6) the regulator of ore paddle, such as sulphuric acid and lime.