Triethyl Phosphate(TEP)

- Feb 26, 2018-

Triethyl Phosphate(TEP)


Triethyl Phosphate(TEP)

Product name:Triethyl Phosphate


CAS NO.:78-40-0


Molecular Formula:(CH3CH2O)3PO


Molecular Weight:182.16


Product Quality:

Appearance: colorless transparent liquid 

Content: = 99.5% 

Refractive index (nD20): 1.4050-1.4070 

Acid value (mgKOH/g): =0.05 

Water content: = 0.2% 

Chroma: = 20 

Specific gravity: 1.069-1.073


Uses:The product is the intermediate of rubber plastic. It's the raw material of pesticides. It's also the firming agent and stabilizing agent of resin.


Packing:Net weight 200KG/steel drum, 1000kg/IBC drum, or 20-23 ton/ ISO -TANK.