The Selection of collector for ilmenite flotation agent

- Feb 26, 2018-

The resources of ilmenite in China are very rich in 20 provinces and regions, including rock and sand ore, and most of them are rock and ore. Rock and mineral deposits are mainly distributed in Panxi area of Sichuan and Chengde area of Hebei, such as China Sichuan Panzhihua iron ore. Ilmenite is distributed between magnetite particles or cleavage, and has formed large deposits.

Ilmenite flotation is often used in flotation of ilmenite. At present, there are many researches on ilmenite flotation reagents, but the main content of them is the selection of collectors.

The commonly used collectors for ilmenite are fatty acids, and foreign oil acids and their salts, such as tar soaps, or collectors, are mixed with kerosene. In recent years, a lot of research work has been carried out on hydrocarbon phosphonic acid collectors and hydroxamic acid collectors. However, the combination effect of two or more agents is superior to any other agent. This is the synergistic effect of agents. In recent years, flotation of ilmenite by mixed agents has become the main direction of research.

The commonly used collectors are fatty acid collectors, including phosphine, arsenic collectors, hydroxamic acid collectors, etc. At present, the combination collector is mainly used in practice, and it is rarely used as a single collector to floatate. The activator is often used in the study of flotation of ilmenite is the main lead nitrate, pH adjusting agent H2S04 inhibitors are generally used, water glass, oxalic acid, six sodium phosphate, carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC) etc..


1, in recent years, many researchers have done a lot of research on the flotation of ilmenite, has made good progress, and achieved remarkable economic benefit in production, is one of the most important factors of ilmenite collector, especially fine ilmenite beneficiation has aroused more and more dressing the attention of the educators, such as the combination of new collector MOS, R 2, ROB, RST and ZY are good collectors of fine ilmenite collector.

2, using different combinations of collector can improve the collection effect of minerals, and get better index than that when the agents are used alone, and the cost of drugs can also be greatly reduced. Flotation is the most effective way to recover fine grained ilmenite. Therefore, strengthening the development of new combined flotation reagents will be one of the future directions of ilmenite flotation research.

3, because of the micro fine ilmenite recovery required drug variety, consumption, long process, so the production cost is high fine ilmenite, it should further study on improvement of flotation process in pharmacy and to reduce production cost, make full use of resources, to achieve sustainable development.