The commonly used flotation reagent method for ore flotation

- Mar 01, 2018-

Flotation machine is an important mineral processing equipment. By adding rational floatation reagent into the pulp, the target minerals and tailings can be distinguished, and then separated by precipitation and filtration.

The flotation reagents should be reasonably prepared before use. The preparation method is determined according to the nature of the drug, and the common methods are as follows:

1. It is mixed with water solution.

Most water soluble agents take this method and are generally added to 5%-10% or thinner water solutions. The solution should not be too thin, too thin and too large, but it should not be too strong. Too strong it is difficult to control the dosage correctly.

2, adding solvent.

Some insoluble or insoluble agents in water can be dissolved in a special solvent and then added. The dispersion of the pulp can be enhanced and the collection effect of oleic acid can be strengthened. Baiyao can dissolve in o-toluidine in the re.

3. Emulsification.

The emulsification of fatty acid collector and diesel oil can increase its dispersion in the pulp and improve its efficiency. The commonly used methods are: strong mechanical agitation, steam or ultrasonic, and the effect of adding emulsifier is better. Alkyl sulfonic acid esters of emulsifier are added in water, and many surfactant can be used as emulsifier.

4, saponification.

Fatty acid collectors are often used in this method, for example, when iron ores are floated, oxidized paraffin soap and TUL oil are used as collectors.

5, prepared into suspension or emulsion.

Such as lime can be added to lime milk.

6, acidification.

In the use of cationic collectors, due to poor water solubility, add hydrochloric acid or acetic acid with amine function, can dissolve in water.

7. Addition of the original liquid.

Some drugs solubility in water is very small, it is difficult to come true with solution or stable emulsion, may not have a solution, but directly to the solution according to the amount of added. The preparation method of water soluble medicament is usually to dissolve the agent in a small amount of water in the solution, and then gradually add water to the required concentration after the solution is dissolved. In the field of production, in order to make convenient, can be in the dispensing tank is engraved on a graduated scale of volume, the amount of the medicament known weighed into the slot, and the concentration of water to correspond to the location of the scale marked, stir until completely dissolved, you can use.

The selection of flotation process depends mainly on the nature of the ore and the requirements for the quality of the concentrate. The ore property is mainly the distribution and symbiotic relationship of the useful minerals in the ore grade and material. The scale of different technical and economic conditions, often determines the complexity of the flotation process. The flotation process has many advantages in the process of working.