The application and emergency treatment of DMCHA

- May 23, 2018-

The application and emergency treatment of DMCHA 

DMCHA  is a low viscosity medium active amine catalyst used for rigid foam, plate, spraying, and rigid polyurethane foam. The catalyst has a catalytic effect on both the gel and the foaming. It provides a more balanced catalytic performance for the foaming reaction and gel reaction of the hard bubbles. It has a stronger catalysis for the reaction of the isocyanate (foaming reaction), and also has a moderate catalytic reaction to the polyol and isocyanate. It is the strong initial catalysis of the foam reaction. Agent.

DMCHA protection measures

Respiratory system protection: wearing a gas mask when it is possible to contact its steam. In case of emergency, self contained breathing apparatus is worn when rescuing or escaping.

Eye protection: wear chemical safety protective glasses.

Protective clothing: wear working clothes (anticorrosive material).

Hand protection: wear rubber gloves.

Others: no smoking, eating and drinking at work. After working, the shower is changed. Carry out pre - and regular physical examination.

Health hazards of DMCHA

Intruding pathways: inhalation, feeding, and percutaneous absorption.

Health hazard: This product has strong irritation on mucous membrane, upper respiratory tract, eye and skin. After inhalation, it can be caused by spasm, inflammation, edema of the larynx and bronchus, chemical pneumonia or pulmonary edema. After exposure, burning sensation, cough, wheezing, laryngitis, shortness of breath, headache, nausea and vomiting were observed.

Toxicological data and environmental behavior

Acute toxicity: LD50 348mg/kg (rat oral); LC501889mg/m3, 2 hours (rats inhaled)

Dangerous characteristics: open fire, high heat and flammable. It can react strongly with the oxidizing agent. In case of high heat, the pressure inside the container increases, and there is a risk of cracking and explosion.

Combustion (decomposition) products: carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, nitrogen