The accumulative output of two gold mines in Shandong has exceeded 100 tons successively

- Nov 21, 2017-

20, from the Shandong gold group learned that, Shandong gold flag Jiaojia Gold Mine and Linglong gold cumulative production in recent years have exceeded 100 tons.

Shandong Gold Group Chairman Chen Yumin introduced, in late October of this year, Jiaojia gold mine has become the first cumulative output of gold 100 tons of mine; recently, Linglong gold accumulated gold production also exceeded 100 tons. To achieve this production goal, two gold mines were used for 42 years and 55 years respectively.

Laizhou in Shandong province and the Jiaojia gold deposit in Linglong gold mine at Zhaoyuan area is the world's third gold metallogenic belt of China since ancient times is the most important gold enrichment zone and gold producing area, is also the national integrated exploration area, reserves of gold and gold production ranks first in the country, is the world's rare large gold enrichment area.

Chen Yumin introduces that Linglong type gold deposit and Jiaojia type gold deposit belong to quartz vein type and altered rock type respectively. The emergence of two "100 tons" gold mine proves that gold mine industry has the possibility of becoming a big mine regardless of the type of mine. It has laid the technical, management and theoretical support for the construction and development of similar mines in the future.