Rare earth enterprises going out to win the right to speak

- Oct 26, 2017-

At present, the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region is speeding up the pace of "going out" of rare earth enterprises in the region. Not long ago, Baotou Hongbo technology limited liability company with the Russian national energy company group company to jointly develop the European tank Kyrgyzstan rare earth mine has signed a memorandum of cooperation, the project preparatory work into the fast lane. This marks the initiative in the country "The Belt and Road" under the guidance of Inner Mongolia international cooperation in the field of rare earth production capacity to build an important fulcrum of Mongolia and Russia economic corridor breakthrough.

It is reported that the company through Europe and Russia Hongbo tank companies, will have Jiesaiyi Kyrgyzstan base II rare earth mining rights, the two sides will jointly develop the rare earth ore, 600 thousand tons of ore mining plan each year, and built 6500 tons / year of rare earth carbonate production line.Rare Earth Extractant PC88A /P507/

Of course, before this, Chinese Nonferrous Metals Group "going out" has been a step ahead, the company has been associated with Mongolia, Burma, Kyrgyzstan and other neighboring countries Chinese enterprises, committed to the rare earth mine development, international engineering contracting, international labor cooperation, import and export business, in cooperation with these countries. And Chinese Nonferrous Metals Group for nearly two years in these areas the proportion of the profits increased significantly.Rare Earth Extractant PC88A /P507/

As a long-term national strategy, accelerate the implementation of The Belt and Road ", and have some fruit in the air plant along the country, will be a strong impetus for the development of rare earth industry in china. As the world's rare earth industry leader "boss", China's rare earth industry how to make use of their own advantages, to integrate into the "The Belt and Road", get rid of industry experienced development lags behind other issues, Baotou Nonferrous Metals Group Company and macro BOT Chinese try very good, worthy of reference of the same trade.

Industry experts Wang Xiaotie believes that the rare earth industry as a strategic emerging industries in the country, "Belt and Road Initiative" initiative led by great. At present, the world rare earth industry and market pattern began to change dramatically. In the development of diversification of the world rare earth resources and rare earth application market development, our country has enough international cooperation and competition advantage, a full range of "going out", not only conducive to the adjustment of the rare earth industry upgrade, can also control the global rare earth market right to speak more.Rare Earth Extractant PC88A /P507/

In fact, some rare earth enterprises of China are boldly implement the "going out" strategy, such as the Leshan Sheng and rare earth Limited by Share Ltd teamed up with us a consortium of companies, with a $20 million 500 thousand bid control the mountain pass rare earth ore.

Under the background of economic globalization, transnational corporations have the number and size of a country is an important symbol to measure the level of economic development, is also the country to win the international competition advantage, get important tools to dominate the global resources rights. Therefore, China's enterprises through overseas investment in expanding the international business, improve the management level, expand the enterprise development space at the same time, also to promote China's sustained and rapid economic development and upgrading of industrial structure, close to China and the world economic exchanges play a positive role.

In fact, the domestic rare earth market interconnection The Belt and Road "under the goal, the ensuing market information, logistics information, transaction information massive increase in this rare earth forced enterprises to upgrade, increase the production and circulation of information and network technology, modern management, provide convenience for enterprises to tap international rare earth from the depth and breadth of the market potential.Rare Earth Extractant PC88A /P507/

With the advance of re import and export trade pattern, the circulation of China's rare earth production data and information, remote and automatic management level will continue to enhance the ability of enterprises, integration of resources, efficient operation of market segments, will greatly enhance the change of management mode of the enterprise will have the quality of rare earth. At the same time, China's rare earth enterprises "going out" to participate in the development and cooperation of other countries is not only a win-win result, but also an important opportunity for us to win the right to speak in the international market.

Rare Earth Extractant PC88A /P507/