Preparation method of mineral dressing agent in production

- Apr 09, 2018-

Preparation method of mineral dressing agent in production

The dosage of the same agent is different, and the dosage and effect are different. The choice of preparation methods is mainly based on the nature, adding methods and functions of the medicament. Today, Xiaobi of North China industry and commerce should lead you to have a detailed understanding of the common preparation methods in the production of mineral processing agents.

(1) make up 5% to 10% water solution. Most of the agents that are soluble in water are used in this way, such as xanthate, sodium silicate and copper sulphate.

(2) compounding with solvent. Some insoluble pesticides can be dissolved in special solvents. For example, Baiyao is insoluble in water, but it can be dissolved in aniline solution of 10% to 20%, and can be mixed with aniline mixture before it can be used.

(3) prepared into suspension or emulsion. For some insoluble solid medicament can be prepared into emulsion use. For example, lime has little solubility in water, so it can be used to turn the lime into thin emulsion, such as Shi Huiru.

(4) saponification. Saponification is the most commonly used method for fatty acid collectors, such as China's hematite flotation, using oxide soap and tall oil to cooperate with collector. To make the tall oil saponified and prepare the chemicals, 10% of the sodium carbonate is added and heated to make the soap liquid added.

(5) emulsification. The emulsification methods are mechanically stirred and emulsified by ultrasonic. After emulsifying the fatty acids and diesel oil, they can increase their dispersion in the pulp and improve the efficacy. The addition of emulsifier is more effective. The emulsifier, the emulsifier (Wan Jifang sulfonate) and many surfactant, can be used as emulsifier in water.

(6) acidification. When using cationic collectors, because of its poor water solubility, it must be treated by hydrochloric acid or acetic acid, then it can be dissolved in water for flotation.



(7) aerosol method. This is a new preparation method to strengthen the effect of the drug. Its essence is to use a special spray device to spray the agent in the air medium and directly into the flotation tank, so it is also called the "aerosol flotation".

(8) electrochemical treatment of medicament. Chemical treatment of flotation reagents by DC power in the solution can change the state of the medicament, the pH value of the solution and the value of oxidation-reduction potential. In order to increase the concentration of the most active agent components, improve the critical concentration of the colloidal particles and improve the dispersion of the insoluble agents in the water.