Pollution and prevention of mineral processing reagents

- Oct 28, 2020-

Pollution and prevention of mineral processing reagents

The development of organic synthesis technology has created good conditions for the synthesis of a large number of mineral processing reagents. The large-scale mining, especially the comprehensive utilization of low-grade refractory ore and the continuous improvement of mineral processing theory and technology, need more varieties of mineral processing reagents in production. But mineral processing chemicals will do harm to the environment. Let's take a look at the pollution of mineral processing agents and their prevention and control work.

1. Improve environmental protection mineral processing technology

A variety of combined processes were used to replace flotation process, and flotation was used as little as possible. In particular, after years of development of chemical beneficiation, the treatment of refractory ores has great advantages, which can be directly or combined with other processes to replace flotation.

2. Research and development of new non polluting flotation reagents:

In order to control the environmental pollution caused by flotation, it is important to carry out the research and development of mineral processing reagents with high efficiency, low toxicity and environmental protection. According to the principle of similar mineral properties, Xinhai mining machinery experts play a synergistic role among reagents to achieve fluorine-free flotation, which is a pioneer in the research and development of flotation reagents.

3. Treatment of mineral processing wastewater:

The flotation waste liquid is recycled. The wastewater is treated by precipitation, flocculation, ion exchange, adsorption and other methods. The flotation reagent is removed, and the return water is returned to production for reuse.