Pavement marking paint/ acrylic road marking paint

- Dec 20, 2018-

Pavement marking paint/ acrylic road marking paint

Normal temperature pavement marking paint, acrylic road marking paint, is suitable for marking construction of asphalt pavement.

The standard colors are white, yellow and blue, and can also be palette according to the user's construction requirements.

The construction temperature is 5-45 degrees Celsius, the best construction temperature is 20 degrees Celsius.

Main properties: strong adhesion, good weatherability, fast wear resistance.

Color: white, medium yellow, deep yellow, orange yellow, blue.

Viscosity: (25 C) 80-120S density: (g/cm3) greater than 1.3 degree of fineness: less than 80um

Construction surface temperature: 5-45 C

Non drying time: (25 C) less than 15min

Adhesion: less than 4 level

Flexibility: (mm) less than 4

Solid content: greater than or equal to 65%

Packing: 25kg

Purpose: road marking construction

Special diluent: thinner

The application scope of ambient temperature marking paint is road marking, road marking, highway marking, urban marking, municipal road marking, etc.

The characteristics of the normal temperature marking coating are fast drying, wear resistance and high reflectivity.