New breakthrough in the medium rare earth magnesium alloy test line in Baotou rare earth courtyard/ rare earth extractant

- Nov 29, 2017-

The rare earth magnesium alloy in the test line to achieve cold chamber system debugging is completed and have the industrial production capacity, recently, Baotou Research Institute of rare earth rich to Germany successfully completed FRECH-QC830 cold chamber die casting system debugging, to ensure the normal advance of rare earth magnesium alloy die-casting project, to provide protection for the process experiment of rare earth magnesium alloy die-casting products next step.

Die casting is a precision and efficient casting method. The products produced by die casting are of high quality, high surface precision, compact structure and high hardness and strength. In recent years, with the demand of light weight, die casting magnesium alloys have been widely used in the fields of rail transportation, automobile, aerospace and 3C products. Rare earth elements can effectively improve the mechanical properties and heat resistance of magnesium alloys, and produce die-casting magnesium alloy products containing rare earth elements, which can better meet the market demand.

At present, there are few studies on the casting process of rare earth magnesium alloy, QC830 cold chamber die casting system of Baotou rare earth institute introduction is currently the northwest region is the most advanced casting system, system of locking force reached 8300 kN, the maximum ejection force is 756 kN and the maximum projected area is 1242 cm2, the rare earth magnesium alloy castings can be thin production with different size and complex shape, the stage will be dedicated to the development of research on technology of rare earth magnesium alloy die casting.

The rare earth magnesium alloy pilot production line of Baotou Rare Earth Research Institute is a comprehensive institution based on high quality rare earth magnesium alloy new materials development, smelting process research and development, alloy manufacturing equipment development, alloy customized production and mass production. The rare earth magnesium alloy in the test line currently has 1500 t/a rare earth magnesium alloy production capacity, with a number of independent technology, can fully meet the needs of colleges and universities, research institutions and enterprises of the rare earth magnesium alloy material experiment and medium scale production, is to promote the magnesium alloy material from the laboratory to excellent platform for large-scale industrialization.

Baotou Research Institute of rare earth rare earth magnesium alloy research and development team is based on technology innovation and development, in close connection with the market demand, the formation of rare earth magnesium products including lanthanum, cerium, neodymium, magnesium magnesium magnesium and magnesium alloy gadolinium yttrium rare earth elements covered series alloy, rare earth magnesium containing zirconium in rare earth magnesium alloy products, application alloy products to cope with the needs of different areas, in rare earth magnesium alloy at the same time, closely with the application terminal contact with rare earth magnesium alloy die casting and semi continuous casting process development and product development, rod extrusion, technical barriers and barriers to break through application of rare earth magnesium alloy; rare earth magnesium alloy for the needs of launch customized the preparation of new mode, provide technical support services and products corresponding process equipment solutions, serve as a bridge between customers and products, to achieve high performance Product service.

 PC88A and D2EHPA as rare earth extractant