Launch of the national key research and development program for dyed pigments

- Dec 18, 2017-

In November 28th, the Shenyang Chemical Research Institute of sinochemical group held the start meeting of "the technology of the continuous production of the typical dyes and organic pigments in the production of near zero emission technology". Shi Dongmei, director of Materials Department of the state hi tech R & D center, academician Hu Yongkang of Chinese Academy of engineering, and more than 10 authoritative experts from China Dyestuff Industry Association, Jilin University, Dalian University of Technology, Tianjin University and Jiangsu University attended the conference.

The project is a special focus on the "13th Five-Year" national key development program "key technology to enhance the basic materials and industrialization", by the Shenyang Research Institute of chemical industry led, a total of 11 research institutions and production enterprises to participate in.

At present, widely used in batch autoclave diazotization, coupling reaction of China's dyestuff industry and reduction of the traditional process, there is a poor safety, low product quality, a large amount of waste water, high energy consumption problems, Shenyang Institute of the project led directly to solve the above problems, there will be a force to promote China's dyestuff industry upgrade with the progress of the industry. The project will carry out the azo dyestuff and pigment and hydrogenation of nitrobenzene sulfonic acid continuous production of near zero emissions, through high-quality azo dyes / pigment production and wastewater reduction technology, high concentration m-nitrobenzenesulfonate continuous catalytic hydrogenation and other key technology research and development, completion of typical continuous production varieties of paint with a near zero emissions demonstration unit and in the industry the promotion, so as to improve the product quality and yield, promote production safety energy-saving technology, and to achieve zero discharge of wastewater.

Start the meeting, Professor Xu Weichang Dean of the Shenyang Chemical Research Institute issued a letter of appointment for members of the project advisory committee of experts. The members of the expert group questioned the project and indicated that the project was significant and innovative, and the project subjects were set up reasonably, and all the subjects were in a prominent position.