Inner Mongolia Baotou: strive to reach 5 million tons of aluminum production in 2020

- Nov 13, 2017-

The iron and steel, rare earth, equipment manufacturing and other industries in Inner Mongolia of Baotou City, make up the short board, strength, speed up the supply side structural reforms, promote the industry to the global value chain to high-end, first built in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region an important modern industrial system.

In the past two days, the special red car, which is developed and manufactured by one machine group, is a multi-functional fire fighting rescue vehicle and a multi-functional vortex snow cleaning special vehicle is being sent to the users. This is a multi-functional vortex snow cleaning special car, after 4 years of research and development for the first time to enter the market sales, Wang Jinming, deputy manager of the five branch of a machine group, said that the company will implement the spirit of reform and innovation in the development of civil military integration. "We should make the military and civilian integration products stronger and stronger, and realize the dream of strengthening the army and the army, and the dream of power."."

At the same time, Baotou Steel Group by means of pipeline steel production line and world-class production line of the cold rolling mill, the products continue to enter the Beijing new airport, high-speed rail and other national key project site, recently and CNPC signed a purchase agreement, eight months before the enterprises realized profits of 107 million yuan, up 1 billion 100 million yuan and. Li Degang, the general manager of Baotou Steel Group and the general manager of Baotou Steel Group, said: "the proportion of cold-rolled and galvanized automobile steel has been greatly improved. Now, Baotou Steel has set up 6 special groups, including research and development, production, sales and other personnel composed of special groups for different target users to promote high-end steel products market application pace."

Statistics show that this year, the iron and steel, equipment manufacturing and other industries in Baotou City, make up the short board, strength, speed up the supply side structural reform, steel industry focus on the development of automotive high strength steel, stainless steel, high-end large diameter seamless steel tube; equipment manufacturing industry, Baotou has formed a military enterprises as the backbone local enterprises for supporting the integration of military and civilian industrial system this year, 51 key construction of civil military integration project, a total investment of more than 12 billion 300 million yuan.

In addition, as the world's rare earth capital, Baotou continue to play the advantages of rare earth resources, around the rare earth permanent magnet, polishing, hydrogen storage, alloy, catalytic five industrial chain, rare earth industry transformation and upgrading effect is obvious, is changing the situation of "digging soil sold".

The reporter saw, in the automatic production line of Baotou yingsite dilute magnetic Limited by Share Ltd of new materials, is the two generation of HUAWEI notebook computer production of magnetic components, magnetic components are the products of a single magnet combination containing praseodymium neodymium and other rare earth elements together, the more strong magnetic, currently Microsoft, Lenovo, HUAWEI and other manufacturers specify special parts for notebook computer, belonging to the domestic initiative. Ma Chunru, deputy general manager of the company, said: "basically do magnet terminal, for example, we do traditional materials is 10% gross profit, that can achieve below 30%.". We made this attraction great by cracking, and now it's increasing by 100% a year. For example, we did 50 million last year, and it's no problem to make one hundred million of this year's end of this year."

As a heavy industrial city, it is expected that by 2020, Baotou rare earth magnetic material output exceeded 30 thousand tons, high-end products accounted for more than 50%, light rare earth comprehensive utilization of more than 20 thousand tons, conversion utilization rate of more than 50%. The proportion of high quality steel and special steel reached about 95%; the aluminum production capacity reached 5 million tons; the conversion rate of electrolytic aluminum was above 85%. Equipment manufacturing output value reached more than 280 billion yuan, accounting for more than 60% of the autonomous region.

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