If you choose the beneficiation reagent, you may be the next victim

- Apr 11, 2018-

If you choose the beneficiation reagent, you may be the next victim

Since the implementation of the new environmental protection law, the environmental protection requirements for the production of gold mines in China have been more stringent, and the cost of environmental protection has also increased. The research of mineral processing agents mainly focuses on high efficiency, low consumption, non-toxic or low toxicity.

In recent years, great progress has been made in the research, development and application of new, high efficiency and combinatorial flotation reagents, which have been carried out around the improvement of gold recovery, and play an important role in improving the quality and recovery of gold flotation products. In the research and application of high efficiency new drugs, the most prominent of the modified agents is that the use of the principle of synergism of drugs is a quick way to improve the performance of the drug, which has been studied and used in the collector and adjusting agent. The combination of drugs including the introduction of new active groups in the original agent to strengthen the function of drugs, modified agents, amphoteric agents and large molecular polymerization agents, has achieved good application effect in improving and strengthening the effect of the agent and adjusting the state of the pulp.

With the increasing demand for clean production in mines, especially the use of toxic cyanide to extract gold from the environment has attracted the attention of the whole society. Environmental protection, low toxicity or non-toxic leaching agent is mainly a mixture of related agents.

The non cyanide process industrially significant thiourea method, thiosulfate, chlorination and environmental leaching agent. These methods are considered to represent the development trend of high technology in the gold leaching industry. The successful application of the alternative products of sodium cyanide, the environmental protection gold ore dressing agent and the successful application of the gold mine in many areas in China in recent years, has shown good economic and application prospects. In particular, it has changed the history of the use of toxic and harmful sodium cyanide to extract gold, and solved the worries of the people. It is of great significance to realize the "green environmental safety" in the production of gold industry and control the environmental pollution from the source.

Because the market of this kind of agent is not standard, especially the pharmaceutical mechanism of products and the industry standard of products are not yet, individual pharmaceutical manufacturers only pursue the performance of drugs and ignore the toxicity of drugs. Therefore, the application of gold mine should pay attention to both the performance of the drug and the real environmental quality of the drug. At the same time, the drug has no extensive adaptability. It should be based on the small test in the choice of application.