How to treat wastewater containing floatation agent in different ways?

- Feb 28, 2018-

Industrial sewage treatment is very important, because there are still some polluting elements in these sewage, which can not be disposed at will, which is easy to cause environmental pollution to the surrounding area. Therefore, a reasonable treatment, different wastewater needs to be treated in different ways, can be effectively used. Today, Xiao Bian teaches you how to treat wastewater containing floatation agent in two different ways, chemical and physical methods.

First of all, we will understand the method of chemical treatment of wastewater containing floatation agent:

1. The oxidizing agent used in the emulsification decomposition is liquid chlorine, bleaching powder, sodium hypochlorite and so on. The essence of its function is that the "active chlorine" destroys the xanthate in the wastewater, which is oxidized to nontoxic sulfate, and the pH value is 7.5 - 8 for treatment.

2, the principle of 2ROCSS16C120H2O=2KOH3HSO 3HCl2CO: chemical treatment effect mainly depends on the dosage. The dosage is less, the treatment is not complete, the amount of the dosage is much, and the "active chlorine" exists in the purification liquid. The effect of ozonation in the treatment of xanthate is better, and there is no "active chlorine". But the power consumption is large, so it can not be widely used in production. Electrolysis method: using white gold as the electrode, the DC voltage is 0.5V, the current is 40mA, the electrolysis is carried out, and the xanthate is decomposed.

3, under the condition of controlling pH value, adding sodium sulfide to wastewater containing xanthate and heavy metal hydroxide precipitation can be replaced by xanthate.

4, acid or alkaline method in tailing wastewater with sulfuric acid to CIC entrance (100-200 m g/L), can be destroyed in flotation wastewater by the xanthate, the effluent quality reached the surface state discharge standard of three grade. The lime is added in the tailings reservoir, and the flotation reagents are attached with the production of metal hydroxide.

Secondly, the treatment of physical method is:

1. Aeration. After a period of storage of Flotation Reagent Wastewater in the storage of tailing reservoir, the content of flotation reagents can be greatly reduced by aeration treatment.

2, ultraviolet radiation method. The use of 2500 - 5500 ultraviolet radiation can destroy the flotation reagents in the wastewater.