How to make flotation plan according to flotation reagent in flotation process

- Apr 11, 2018-

How to make flotation plan according to flotation reagent in flotation process

In the process of flotation, flotation reagents are an essential part and an important part of the flotation process. It can be said that no flotation reagents can be completed without flotation. But using different flotation reagents, we need to formulate the most suitable mineral flotation plan according to the specific circumstances. Today, Xiaobian is going to explain in detail how to develop floatation plan according to flotation reagent in flotation process.

The pharmacy system is a key problem when dealing with multi metals and complex refractory ores. Since the selection of useful minerals has been considered, the species, dosage, proportion, order, location and method of the medicament should be determined.

The flotation plan can be referred to similar ore dressing plant's practical experience. The properties of ores and possible flotation schemes are also analyzed. For example: mixed flotation or preferential flotation. If preferential flotation is used, which minerals are collected first and which minerals are resisted? Which minerals need to be activated? Which minerals are not activated? Which minerals should be resisted? Which minerals are not resisted, and so on.

When making floatation plan, we can generally refer to the following items.

1, first floatation of floatable minerals and later floating of minerals that are difficult to float. The first is good after the floats can be floating, floating floats can be bad.

2, inhibit the poor floatability of minerals, do not inhibit the risk of floatability to make easily inhibited minerals, do not inhibit the refractory minerals. Therefore, when sorting, we can use zinc blende to control galena.

3, if the floatability of the two minerals is similar, we should first float a small number of minerals, inhibit a large number of minerals, and easily get better indicators.

If there is secondary copper ore in the ore, galena is activated by secondary copper, so the process of inhibiting lead and floating copper is difficult to carry out. At this time, copper and lead should be used.

4, less activated minerals inhibit low value minerals, and it is easier to improve the effectiveness of branch stores.

5, minerals with high flotation value inhibit the value minerals and are easy to achieve the purpose of flotation.

For example, lead-zinc sulfide ore or copper zinc sulfide iron ore, the remaining useful minerals are sphalerite and pyrite, and the activated sphalerite is no better than pyrite. But in practice, there is always a selection of pyrite after sphalerite. The reason is that the floatability of sphalerite after activation is obviously higher than that of pyrite, and the content of sphalerite is often lower than that of pyrite. First, sphalerite is selected to get a better separation effect.

6, minerals with high quality requirements for flotation concentrate are required to control the quality of mineral concentrate.

For example, the flotation of molybdenum bearing sodium copper ore and molybdenite and pyrite have good floatability, and the copper molybdenum mixed concentrate is obtained in the constitution. The separation of copper and molybdenum concentrates is carried out by most factories. In addition to molybdenum's value is higher than copper and molybdenum grade is lower than copper, it is also an important reason for molybdenum concentrate.