Hot melt road marking line coating paint

- Dec 20, 2018-

Hot melt marking coating is mainly used for hot melt pavement marking construction. Common colors are white, medium yellow, deep yellow, orange red, blue, etc., and can also be coloring according to customer requirements. Its main properties are wear-resisting, reflective, weatherproof and long service life. Anti fouling mark: strong anti fouling ability, bright and white color, long service life. High compression marking: high resistance to dirt, high compression, no deformation of marking, long service life. Heavy lane marking: high pollution resistance, high pressure resistance and super abrasion resistance. Long service life. Highlight line: high reflectivity, bright color, bright white, anti fouling, compression and abrasion resistance.


technical parameter

Color: white and yellow; density: 2.0g/cm3;

Softening point: 140 C; construction temperature: 200 c + + 10 C;

Non drying time: less than 3min;

Compressive strength (23 C): 15mpa.

Packaging: 25kg plastic woven bags.