Gold futures closed three times for the first time in three weeks to support the price of gold

- Nov 15, 2017-

Last week, the Republican Party of the United States launched a tax reform plan that differs from the House version in many ways. For investors on the part of U.S. tax proposal in the implementation of time may be postponed to 2019 disappointed, the dollar rally ended, the international gold futures fell for the first time after three consecutive weeks of weekly income rose. Monday (November 13th) Asian plate, international gold futures near $1276 concussion consolidation, the current record of $1276.30 / ounce, or 0.16%.

Macro power is becoming more and more friendly to gold"

Although the dollar has almost no change, but in recent days, the U.S. real interest rate accelerated decline, the upward trend of gold has brought a positive impact.

Boris Mikanikrezai, a precious metals analyst at FastMarkets, believes that in the rest of this year, the macro background will be increasingly "friendly" to gold and other precious metals, which will prompt some speculators to re-establish their gold long positions. And later this year, gold ETF holdings will flow into some capital.

Demand for real gold rebounded

In the spot market, demand for physical gold seems to have picked up, especially in asia. In India, gold is back at a premium because of the increased demand before the wedding season.

In China, due to the geopolitical situation continues to be tense, the market demand for hedge increases, gold premium also rose. This may imply that the current gold buying is not driven purely by speculative behavior. On the contrary, physical demand has also pushed up the price of gold.

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