Global zinc shortage or expected mitigation

- Nov 14, 2017-

On the news surface, Minmetals resources dugal River zinc mine project put into production, annual output of 170 thousand tons of zinc. NewCentury Resources completes 52 million 900 thousand US dollars financing, wants to restart Century zinc mine development. Zinc ore shortage since 2014 to become the driving force with the zinc price rising, zinc prices, zinc ore development investment accelerated, with new mines into production, the global zinc shortage is expected to ease or suggestions, gradually pay attention to refined zinc smelting process. MIIT minister Miao Wei said it will fully implement the extended producer responsibility system, the first to help in battery management, to promote the new energy automotive battery recycling use, pay attention to battery recycling for cobalt and lithium supply form favorable supplement.

In the short run, the Fed started the contraction, the interest rate hike in December is expected, and the United States tax reform and other factors to promote the dollar strengthened, commodity prices pressure. The negative impact of real estate investment decline or gradually reflected in demand. Environmental protection inspection and in aluminum as the representative of the supply side reform policy into the window period, our four quarter industrial metal bearish overall performance. With the new energy vehicles subsidies list and double scoring policy gradually clear, new energy vehicles production and sales volume is expected to continue. In the direction of investment, it is recommended to focus on rare earth, tungsten and other small metal varieties, as well as cobalt and lithium, which are expected to benefit from the production and marketing of new energy vehicles.