Flotation reagents for flotation of lead and zinc ores

- Feb 27, 2018-

Flotation reagents for flotation of lead and zinc ores

Lead and zinc are widely used in the fields of electrical industry, machinery industry, military industry, metallurgical industry, chemical industry, light industry and medicine industry. In addition, lead metals also have more uses in the nuclear industry, the oil industry and other sectors. There are 11 kinds of lead industrial minerals in lead-zinc mine and 6 kinds of zinc industrial minerals, which are most important in galena and sphalerite.

The application of lead and zinc ores must be better used after beneficiation, and the flotation method is usually used. Since floatation is naturally inseparable from flotation reagents. The following manufacturers are introduced to select the flotation agents used in the lead-zinc mine.

1, flotation froth agent for lead-zinc mine: foaming agent should be hetero polar surfactant, and its molecules can generate directional alignment at the interface between air and water, that is, bubble surface, and can strongly reduce the surface tension of water. Proper solubility should be due. The solubility of the foaming agent has a great influence on the foaming performance. In general, the solubility of the foaming agent is 0.2-5g/L. If the solubility is very high, it will consume a large amount of medicine, or rapidly generate lots of bubbles, but not durable. When the solubility is too low, it will be too late to dissolve and play the role of foaming. Therefore, the lead and zinc ore foaming agent is also very important in its flotation process.

2, the whole floating transferring lead-zinc ore agent: adjusting agent according to its role in the flotation process can be divided into: inhibitor, activator, medium pH regulator, slime dispersing agent, coagulant and coagulant continued. Control agents include various inorganic compounds, such as salt, alkali and acid, organic compounds and the same kind of agents. They often play different roles under different flotation conditions.

3, lead-zinc flotation collectors, commonly used collectors: xanthate and black drugs. Xanthate including xanthate, xanthate esters. Sulfur nitrogen, such as diethyldithiocarbamate, the collecting ability is strong. The black black xanthate drug class of drugs are effective trapping of sulfide ore collectors, the collecting ability is weak with xanthate, the solubility of metal ions of two alkyl thiophosphate two product were compared with the corresponding ionic xanthate big.

In addition, our froth product has special froth flotation agent developed for lead-zinc mine. During many years of flotation, it has the characteristics of stable foam and high recovery rate. It is a well known foaming agent.