What are the flotation agents

- Mar 12, 2018-

What are the flotation agents

In the field of mining, many manufacturers in order to improve the efficiency of ore mining, but will use some additives, take flotation agent, its mining in the field of neutral energy and practical utility is very prominent. There are many kinds of flotation agents. So, what are the equipment for flotation agents? See how the expert is introducing it.

As the floatation surface active agent is generally transferred to the interface through the aqueous solution phase, the main use of floatation is the more or less water soluble agent. In some cases, insoluble hydrocarbons or other oils must be used. In order for them to reach the interface in a relatively short time, these liquids are dispersed into emulsion in aqueous phase by means of soluble surfactants. Floatation agents are mainly divided into surface active agents and polymers.

At present, the most commonly used flotation machine in China's gold concentrator is a domestic mechanical agitation type flotation machine. The flotation agent has a hydrophilic group and hydrophobic group of surface active molecules. It adsorbs on the water air interface and reduces the surface tension of the aqueous solution, so that the air filled into the water is easy to disperse into bubbles and stable bubbles. The type and dosage of floatation agents vary with ore properties and flotation conditions and process characteristics, which can be provided by a pilot unit by a prescription (or medicament system). In the process of production practice, it can also be changed according to the above conditions.

In flotation, various chemicals are used to regulate the physical and chemical properties of the selected minerals and flotation media, so as to expand the difference between the hydrophobicity of gold minerals or gold minerals and gangue, so as to make them better sorted, so as to improve the gold recovery rate. The commonly used flotation agents are divided into three major categories: collector, foaming agent, and adjusting agent.

According to the experts of specialized mineral processing agents in the region, the commonly used flotation agents, except for inorganic acids, alkali and salt, are mainly surface active agents. The surfactant in the flotation plays a dual role: adsorption at the interface of solid and liquid, so that the specific mineral surface is hydrophobic (as collector) or the specific surface is hydrophilic (inhibition or flocculation); secondly, they bubble mineral influence power of. The latter type of surfactants is customarily called as a foaming agent.

Floatation equipment is mainly the flotation machine and other equipment for the realization of the flotation process. The slurry is stirred and filled. Under the action of various flotation agents, the ore particles are adhered to the bubbles. The bubbles rise and form the mineralized foam layer. They are scraped out or spilled by scrapers. All these flotation processes are completed in the flotation machine.  The floatation machine is made up of multiple slots in series. The different flotation machines can be divided into 5 kinds according to the mode of mixing and inflating.

1, inflatable mechanical mixing, in addition to mechanical mixing, and then replenish the flotation grains into the low pressure air.

2, inflatable type, by pressing into the air to stir and produce bubbles, such as flotation column and foam separation device.

3, gas precipitation, using the pressure reduction method or the first pressure drop to the normal pressure of the ten thousand methods, make the slurry dissolved in the pulp, forming a micro bubble.

4. The pressure dissolving gas is predissolved in water by high pressure and then precipitated in the flotation cell under normal pressure to form a large number of microbubbles.

5, mechanical agitation, centrifugal impeller, and some star rotor and bar rotor. The agitators rotate at high speed in the flotation cell, which drives slurry flow, and generates negative pressure in the impeller cavity and inhales air.