Flotation method of Zinc Oxide ore

- Mar 12, 2018-

Zinc Oxide ore is a common ore of zinc ore, and there is a wide range of zinc minerals in nature. It is also one of the main sources of zinc extraction at present. Today, Xiaobian is aimed at the flotation problem of Zinc Oxide mine, to give you a brief explanation and introduction of the commonly used, more effective and quick way to check Zinc Oxide mine.

After vulcanization, floatation with xanthate or amine is the main method of use at present.

(1) the flotation of xanthate after temperature vulcanization. In this method, the ore is degashed. Then the pulp was heated to 50~60 centigrade, and the sodium sulfide was vulcanized, and the flotation was carried out with advanced xanthate and black medicine. If it is vulcanized at room temperature, the vulcanizing film is not strong and the flotation effect is poor. Low temperature curing, easy to form a gelatinous precipitate, on the contrary, the higher curing temperature, curing film formed by the more firmly, formed in the slurry sediment less, faster curing. The concentration of sodium sulfide in the pulp is also an important technological factor for vulcanization. Pulp in the mud, iron oxide, manganese oxide will consume sodium sulfide, and reduce the quality of concentrate, therefore should be removed.

(2) the flotation of amines after vulcanization. This method is suitable for carbonate, silicate and other zinc oxide minerals in the flotation of zinc. The advantages of amine collectors are that there is no significant collection effect on quartz and alkaline earth metal carbonate in alkaline medium. In the use of amine as a collector, the remaining sodium sulfide not only does not inhibit the inhibitory effect, but also activates the Zinc Oxide mineral. The capture ability of primary amine on Zinc Oxide is very strong, especially the primary amine containing 12~18 carbon atoms, especially, the harvesting ability of secondary amines and tertiary amines is very weak.

The dosage of Zinc Oxide is different with the type of ore, but it can be used as follows:

Floating Zinc Oxide ore: sodium sulfide 6 ~ 12kg/t primary amine 100 ~ 60g/t

Floating zinc ore: sodium sulfide 1 ~ 3kg/t primary amine 50 ~ 100g/t

By this method, the grade of concentrate can reach 40% ~ 45%, and the recovery rate can reach 50% ~ 90%.