Copper extractant / Eagles Series Extractant for Copper

- Jan 22, 2018-

Eagles Series Extractant for Copper


Description: Eagles solvent extraction reagent is the mixture of 2-hydroxy-5-nonylacetophenone oxime and 5-Nonylsalicylaldoxime in a high flash point hydrocarbon diluent. It forms water insoluble complexes with various metallic cations. The reaction with copper can be described by the following equation:

2RH(org)  +  Cu+2(aq) R2Cu(org) + 2H+(aq)

It contains no add modifiers ,so it is widely used in acidic solutions and solution containing soluble silica or finely divided solids to extract copper, and is widely praised by the industrial and mining enterprises. It combines the advantages of high extraction efficiency of aldoxime and high stripping efficiency of ketoxime, and has good stable performance.

Application: Eagles series solvent extraction reagents have superior quality performance, which have been widely used in mining hydrometallurgy, recovery of copper from spent etching solution of printed circuit board (PCB) and from electroplating wastewater.

Packaging 180Kg/plastic drum, 900Kg/IBC;

StorageStore at a cool place in closed original container.