260# solvent oil

- Feb 08, 2018-

Properties: Colorless transparent   liquid,Can mix with a variety of organic solvents.
Usage: This product is widely used in rare   earth,cobalt,nickel,gold,silver,copper,lead,zinc,vanadium, bismuth, confine,   scandium, uranium industry such as wet extraction and deep processing   enterprises.
Package:Tank car,160kg/iron drum.
Storage: Handle with care,no vigorous strike is permitted.Deposited in   shady,airy and dry warehouse,keep away from fire and rain.
Quality index:

Analysis ItemQuality IndexAnalysis MethodDensity (20℃)     kg/m3≥810GB/T1884Boiling range: GB/T6536Initial boiling point,℃≥195 End boiling point,℃≤245 Flash point (close cup),℃≥78GB/T261Aromatics content,% (m/m)≤0.2UV methodTotal sulfur contents, ppm≤0.04Micro-coulometry methodMechanical impurityNoneGB/T511Water contentNoneGB/T260Copper corrosion(50℃,3h)≤1αGB/T5096Kinematic viscosity1.67GB/T265Chroma+30GB/T3555